Majid Majidi

Majid Majidi is an oscar nominated Iranian filmmaker known for directing films like Children of Heaven, Baran, Song of Sparrows, Willow Tree etc.

His simplistic style of storytelling coupled with his intricate narrative of the human emotion (especially children) makes his movies extremely enjoyable to watch for both families and children alike.

Mr. Majidi is all set to make his first Indian film in english titled 'Floating Gardens' to be produced by Shareen Mantri and Kishor Arora. The movie is based on human relationships and is set in North India. The movie is currently in pre-production.


Shareen Mantri

Shareen Mantri, storyteller and artist, describes herself as a 'free impulsive being that wants to soar the heights of imagination across all platforms'. She is the reigning music video director in the city of dreams, Mumbai, with more than 90 music videos to her credit as a director.

A master graduate in photography, Shareen Mantri loves to play with colors and her style invloves a bold exploration of the 'strong and independent' women protoganist that gets portrayed across her body of work. She has a strong awarness and understanding of current styles and trends and their incorporation into visual communication.

She has shot extensively all over India, Thailand, Australia, Austria, parts of Europe, and Afghanistan etc for her videos and commercials to give a contemporary and visually exciting look to her work. She is an yoga enthusiast, an avid film buff and a travel junkie with infectious and freindly personality.



The Song of Sparrows
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Children of Heaven
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Short Film - Colors Fly
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The Willow Tree
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The Color of Paradise
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