India is not just a country. It is a concept, a philosophy of varied sights and sounds that commingle into a heterogeneous entity.

Right from its mountainous terrains in the north, the vibrant deserts of Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa, the colorful plains and backwaters of the south to the Bay encrusted shorelines of the East, India offers a thousand little mutinies of sensation that makes it the perfect landscape to capture on celluloid.

Apart from being the largest producer of films in the world it offers skilled English speaking human resources at low cost, state of the art studios and post production facilities, easy and cheaper ways to commute and stay at the best facilities for lodging and boarding.

Eyecandy Line Production Services

  • Budgeting – the best deals at a budget suited to meet your production requirements.
  • Permissions – Tie-up with the Govt of India to ensure smooth functioning in terms of clearances, import of equipment, customs etc. We ensure all customs formalities related to temporary film equipments; just send us a copy list in advance for clearance with the original purchase values, serial numbers, provenance and date of arrival including flight details. Carnets: A Carnet is an international customs document commonly know as the (merchandise passport). This documentation facilitates virtually all types of temporary imports and the equipments goes through customs immediately.
  • Location Scouting – We help you to find the best and the perfect location by taking you to known as well as unexplored places so that the scale and production design of the script is never compromised.
  • Travel & Logistics – We help out in all kinds of travel and logistics management. Our team will ensure the smooth streaming of movement from one setting to another, one city to another without any production disruption.
  • Transportation – We are there to help you arrange for all the transportation needs for all your equipments and accessories.
  • Human Resource – English speaking skilled human resources are at our disposal that ensures that competent personnel from spot boy to top-level technicians are at work on your project.
  • Equipment & Post Production Services – We arrange for studios for shooting purpose. We also arrange for postproduction services such as dubbing, editing and mixing and others.

The Indian climate is a cycle of three seasons – Summer (March – May), Monsoon (June-September and Winter (October – February). A further break-up classifies them into Spring, Autumn and Pre-winter seasons. The tropical climate ensures that the weather is predominantly hot at many regions, but extreme conditions can be found depending on geography and non seasonal weather patterns.

The Indian Peninsula - It is surrounded by the world's largest mountain ranges on the north – The Himalayas, the Arabian Sea on the west, Bay of Bengal on the east and the world's third largest water body on the south – the Indian Ocean.

As soon we receive your script, storyboard or just give us a description of what you are looking for we will find a choice of locations which fit the requirements of the script, budget and geographical limits, for the director to choose from.

We will select from our files the best location pictures showing every detail of your location accompanied by geographical information to anticipate every eventuality. But our aim is to make your shoots runs smoothly as possible and stay within budget. Obtaining all the necessary permission to enable your crew to film here, working in conjunction with the local authorities, police and residents.